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„Two are better than one if two act as one. If you believe that two acting as one are better than one, just imagine what an entire team acting as one can do.“

„Leaders should be reliable without being predictable.“

„The leader has to show the face his team needs to see.“

„The deal is the handshake. The deal is that there won´t be any deals.“

„True friends will tell each other tough things.“

„Don´t worry about losing. Think about winning.“

„In leadership, no word is more important than trust.“

„Whatever a leader does NOW sets up what he does LATER. And there´s always a LATER.“

„There are five fundamental qualities that make every team great: communication, trust, collective responsobility, caring and pride. I like to think of each as separate finger on the fist.“

„Every season is a journey. Every journey is a lifetime.“

„Too many rules and too much predictability absolutely kill creativity.“

„Leaders have to search for the heart on a team, because the person who has it can bring out the best in everybody else.“

„Too many rules get in the way of leadership. They just put you in a box. People set rules to keep from making decisions.“

„Win or lose together.“

„You can´t just tell people what to do and then expect them to perform well.“

„The freedom to grow personally, the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them, the freedom to work hard and the freedom to be yourself - these four freedoms should be guaranteed by every leader in every organization.“

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